Thursday, February 4, 2010

More House Pics

I know I promised more house pictures, so here are the latest. I found myself chucking all of the baskets of laundry and such out of the way as I took the pictures, and there is still a lot of evidence of moving-itis in the rooms. I don't think it will ever end. Anyway, here is what I have for you.

Here is our living/family room. I never know what to call this room. Some people call it a den, I don't know. Here's the room where we hang out and watch TV. As you can see, the TV is still currently covering up our fireplace. We are eventually mounting it on the wall above the mantle (something I'm not too hot on, but it's really necessary for space reasons and keeping small hands off the screen). Notice Wilson having a hard day on the couch.

Oh, and the circa 1976 fan is on its way out. Just haven't had the time to get a replacement yet.

As you walk in the front door and through the living-family-den room, you are in the dining area. I think I put a picture of it already, but here's another. I really love our new table and we're looking for 6 new chairs to go around it (any suggestions?). The table is awesome because it can be a round small table, a larger oval (which is pictured), or a much larger oval. Great for us and our family of six.

Like the living-den fan, we're planning on replacing this chandelier at some time. It's too formal for our informal dining area. Plus, it lights up the house like the Christmas star the night Jesus was born and I need a little less light than that at 7am.

I already included pictures of the kitchen and playroom , so no new ones here. Plus, they're a mess as I type.

The hallway to the left of the dining table is the kids' "wing" that includes their bedrooms and bathroom. Their rooms are last on my list and have had nothing done to them. It will actually be a while until I will show anyone those because I'm planning on turning them into boys' and girls' rooms once we move Sam into a bedroom with Luke. That won't be for a few months or more. So here's all you get to see of their area. There is a door to the right that is the triplets' room and a door to the left that is Luke's (and future Sam's) room.

Here's a view from the playroom through to the front door so you get a better idea of the layout. The kitchen is to the left of the table.

The master bed and bath are upstairs. After the university purchased the house, they turned the upstairs attic into a master suite (notice the lower ceilings). I was worried about the ceilings being too low, but they're really not. And they did a great job making the space into a great bedroom with its own bathroom and his/her closets.

The last is a picture of our hay/mud backyard. They are hoping to seed it once we get a dry and warmer spell ... neither of which looks eminent in the coming weeks. So I have resigned myself to not having a backyard until spring. We are able to use the driveway and the kids' ride-on toys when the weather is warmer, but that's the extent of the backyard use for now.

So there is the latest update. Seriously, if anyone has suggestions for cute boy and girl rooms, I would love to hear them. I am not really a fan of themes in kid rooms, but I would  probably go for some type of color scheme, cute art/bed ideas (no bunks), etc. I'm planning on putting them in twin beds, two in each room. Especially if anyone has ideas for window treatments or decor I am all ears. I wish I had that designer's eye, but the gene seems to have alluded me!

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