Monday, September 28, 2009


Let me just say it - I love Costco. I don't know if it's because it allows me to buy a 10 pound bag of chicken and the newest Dan Brown best seller in the same place or the fact that you can cart four screaming children in there and no one can tell because of the three story high warehouse ceilings. We shopped at Costco before we had the kids, but it was more of a summer fling of a relationship with the store as compared to the all out affair we have with her now. I think my true love started when we figured out that Costco was the only store we could take the triplets to when they were very young and we needed to get out of the house. Costco met the criteria we needed for an outing: 1) the aisles were wide enough to walk down and turn around our triple stroller, and 2) it had the aforementioned high ceilings that drown out the screams of children. We figured we would be safe and "less conspicuous" there. At least as inconspicuous as you can be walking into the store with this thing -

Our first Costco trip was a success, so it has remained a favorite store for us. At least now we don't have to take in that triple stroller. We can comfortably fit all 4 kids in two carts (and sadly we entirely fill those two whole carts with stuff) and make it through the store relatively unscathed. On a good day we can even stop for samples! We headed to Costco this weekend and made out with some good stuff - 450 diapers, 48 cans of fruit, an 8 pound box of strawberries - you know, the usual things. I think the real reason that I truly love Costco is that we can go in there and buy all these things and no one even bats an eye. It's NORMAL for a Costco-ite to head in and come out with a brand new plasma tv AND a pumpkin pie that can feed 20 people. It's NORMAL for people to shop in Costco with a flatbed cart because a regular cart is too small. We feel normal at Costco because we fit in with all the other crazies that shop there. If I went to Target (and I do love Target) and bought 450 diapers the cashier would look at me like I was nuts and I would have to spend the entire check-out experience smiling awkwardly and feeling like I should explain why in the world I need 450 diapers. But at Costco, no one cares! They just scan my diapers, my 48 pack of yogurt, and my enormous canister of cheese balls, smile, and say, "Have a nice day." So today, I salute you Costco. Thank you for catering to those of us who want to feel normal, no matter what their shopping habits may be.

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